HU-WRC Writing Advisor Fellowship 2017

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Noon on Thursday, June 8, 2017 (Japan time)

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Hiroshima University Writing Center (HU-WRC)

Hiroshima University Writing Center was established in April 2013 to improve the academic skills of members of Hiroshima University. In November 2013, we launched one-on-one Japanese writing tutorials, while in 2014 we began offering support for the international promotion of research output and consultation on publishing in English, with the aim of enhancing the university’s research ability.


HU-WRC Writing Advisor Fellowship 2017

The Writing Center at Hiroshima University, Japan, has just created the Writing Advisor Fellowship program which is ideal for someone who wishes to gain professional experiences working with non-native English writers and speakers, focusing on academic writing at the tertiary level and above. The Fellow will work full-time at Hiroshima University, located in two campuses, for a contract period of six months starting from September 2017. Please refer to Application Guideline for more information.


Hiroshima University, Japan

Hiroshima University (HU) is one of the largest and most comprehensive research universities in Japan. Based on its founding principle, "a single unified university, free and pursuing peace," we are committed to promoting research that benefits the future of humankind while fostering excellent human resources. Comprising 11 faculties, 11 graduate schools, an attached research institute, university hospital, and 11 attached schools, HU has more than 1,500 faculty and 600 staff members as of November, 2016, as well as more than 15,000 students as of November, 2016. Amid increasing globalization, we are now starting to enhance international competitiveness in the field of academic research.